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Smart and Enhanced Microwaves for Fat Reducing
Smart and Enhanced Microwaves for Fat Reducing
  • Model: Onda
Frequency: 2.45 GHz
Power: 500W
Smart Handpieces
Deep: Ø 6.6 cm – 35 cm2
Shallow: Ø 5.6 cm - 25 cm2
Handpiece Cooling: Integrated Skin Cooler
Emission Control: Fingerswitch
Graphical User Interface: 10,4” Colour Display Touch Screen
Data Base: Integrated tutorial with treatment protoco
Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic wave family [frequency range: 1 - 300 GHz]. Today, they are common in many areas of daily life , including the medical field , for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Microwavescause molecules to absorb them while oscillatingand vibrating, heating the medium containing the molecules.

The handle produces microwaves at 2.45 GHz, a frequency that is preferentiallyabsorbed by fat molecules rather than water molecules. The epidermis and dermiscontain a lot of water, but no fat, so their electrical conductivity is much greater thanthat of the subcutaneous dermis. Thus, when cold waves penetrate the skin, they pass directly through the top layer without overheating them (using about 20% of the energy in the microwave), while their effective action is focused on the high absorption of their subcutaneous fat (about 80% of the energy). In contrast,conventional radio frequency systems (frequency range 0.1 - 40MHz) act only on the surface surface because it is highly absorbed by water molecules. This means that not only do they not penetrate deep into the body to treat fat, but they also run the risk of damaging the skin.