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Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine
Shockwave Machine for Back Waist Leg and Golf Elbow Relief Pain
  • Model: VY-U03
power: 380w
frequency: 1-21hz
work intensity: 0.5-10bar
screent: 10.4''
Pneumatic ballistic shock wave instrument is the pneumatic pulse sound wave generated by the compressor into accurate ballistic shock wave acting on the human body through
the physical medium conduction (such as air, liquid, etc.), producing biological effects, which is a high energy pressure wave generated by the sudden release of energy, and has
the characteristics of instantaneous increased pressure and high speed conduction. Using compressed gas to generate energy, drive the bullet body in the handle, so that the bullet body pulses on the action site. The instrument is intended to act on parts of the body permanently affected by pain. The principle of shockwave care is to relieve pain by promoting calcium deposition and dissolution and enhancing blood circulation.

Shock wavehas the following aspects:
1.cell: enhance the permeability of cell membrane by enhancing ion channel activity, promoting cell division and stimulating the generation of cytokines.
2. Vessels in tendons and muscles: improve blood circulation, increase growth factor β1,
and enhance mitosis in osteoblasts.
3. Nitrogen oxide system: to accelerate bone remodeling and healing.
4.Improve the microcirculation and the metabolism.
5.Promotes the lysis of the calcified fibrocytes.
6.To promote collagen synthesis.
7. Reduce the tissue tension.
8.Pain reilef. 

1. Efficient and rapid pain relief;
2. Safe and convenient, without anesthesia, and non-invasive operation;
3. The use time is short, about 20 minutes, 5-10 times;
4, wide indications, customers and soft tissue pain most applicable.