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4D HIFU machine with liposonix
4D HIFU machine with liposonix
4D HIFU machine with liposonix
4D HIFU machine with liposonix
4D HIFU machine with liposonix
  • Model: H008B
Function: Anti-wrinkle, face lifting, skin firming
HIUF cartridges(10000shots): 1.5/ 3.0/ 4.5/ 6.0/ 8.0/ 10.0/ 13.0/ 16.0
Liposonix(500shots): 8.0mm, 13.0mm
Frequency: 4-7Mhz
voltage: 10-200W
shots: 20000shots/cartridge


1、A maximum of 12 lines can be used in a single shot, and the maximum energy area is 10mm wide. the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size of the skin area,which make the operation time is greatly shortened , make the energy point effects onthe skin is more uniform, and the curative effect is better.

2、Using the most advanced high-tech technology, it is equipped with two treatment heads according to the facial skin condition,which accurately affects different depths of skin,and the energy is slightly over the epidermis during treatment, and 100% without any

3、In addition to the thermal effect on dermal collagen and collageniber, it also has thermal stimulation on the fat layer and fascia layer

4、The operation is simple and convenient, no need for consumables, greatly reducing treatment costs.

5、The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen immediately after treatment, which can last for at least 18-24 months at a time, and achieve negative growth for skin age once a year.

6、Makeup immediately after treatment does not affect normal life

What's 4D HIFU.

4D is the meaning of the three dimensions, this 4D refers to the development of technology in three dimensions of innovation.

The number of rows is multi-dimensional, the traditional HIFU shot once only can get 1 line, so it will be a little toublesome to do body weight loss. But 4D HIFU can be freely adjusted from 1-12 lines.Treatment of parts and regions are multi-dimensional:facial wrinkles, chest pulling,body weight loss.

Adjustable parameters are multidimensional: the distance between points and points, the distance between rows and rows. The energy of each point. The length of each line. These can be adjusted.Treatment is more precise and free.


Treatment setting

1.5mm probe:Neck 0.6J, chin 1.0J, jaw 0.7J, cheek 1.0J, forehead: 0.5J,

avoid the temple(operating the position of fishtail line)0.3J;

3.0mm probe:Neck 1.0J, chin 1.0J, jaw 0.7J, cheek 1.0J, forehead 0.5J;

Avoid the temple (Operating the position of fishtail line )0.3J;

4.5mm probe:Neck 0.8J, chin 1.0J, jaw 0.7J, cheek 1.0J;

6.0mm probe:Abdomen 1.0J, chest 0.6J, back 0.8J, hand 1.0J;

8.0mm probe:Abdomen 1.0J, chest 0.7J, back 0.8J;

10.0mm probe:Abdomen 1.2J, leg 1.0J, back 0.8J;

13.0 mm probe:Abdomen 1.0J, legs 1.0J, buttocks 1.2 J;

16.0 mm probe:Abdomen 0.8J, leg 1.0J, hip 1.2 J;

▲The above is the recommended energy value for each part of each probe’s operation.(If the guests can also bear can also be adjusted accordingly ,It is appropriate for the guests to feel no stinging pain.) Operational exclusion zone  : Avoid hairline, temples, eyes (eyeballs), Yintang, nose, upper lip, chin, larynx, aorta, and navel.