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Face Lifting Factional RF Microneedle Machine with CE for clinic and spa use

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What is Flying shuttleFlying shuttle is an innovative thermal lattice skin repair and regeneration system, which covers all the treatment fields of exfoliated CO2 and non exfoliated laser. Peeling therapy can leave deep or shallow..

Tags: Factional RF Microneedle Machine

What is Flying shuttle

Flying shuttle is an innovative thermal lattice skin repair and regeneration system, which covers all the treatment fields of exfoliated CO2 and non exfoliated laser. Peeling therapy can leave deep or shallow dents. In the non exfoliation mode, thermoplasticity can transmit heat to the upper dermis. At the same time, it will not damage the cuticle, thus creating a permeable channel, which can effectively penetrate the dermis to the hydrophilic molecules. According to TMA technology, flying shuttle has almost the same effect on target tissue as dot matrix CO2 laser, but the pain is lower and safer. Compared with laser, it does not need to apply analgesic plaster, can recover quickly and reduce the impact on daily work and life. At the same time, it can improve Plastic with the function of radio frequency instrument, can improve and tighten the skin. Flying shuttle is a more concise and ergonomic new system.


The flying shuttle uses the thermal matrix lattice technology to store the thermal energy in the treatment head made of titanium metal. The treatment head immediately contacts the skin in the form of electric micro needle general seal, and at the speed of 0.01 seconds, it will reach 400 ℃ high temperature segmented type to guide into the skin, quickly vaporize the moisture of the skin, effectively break The damaged scar tissue and the fibrosis tissue forming scar depression can thoroughly remove the defects on the skin surface; the heat penetrating into the muscle bottom can also activate the fibroblast, and promote it to produce a large number of collagen and elastin, thus reconstructing the tight collagen network of the dermis, and making the skin recover the full and elastic beauty.


1. New scientific research technology: adopt the new scientific research technology of Fraunhofer Research Association 2016 - thermal matrix spot penetration technology 2. Fast treatment (15-30 minutes): superior heat conduction, 0.01 seconds of heat conduction; amazing penetration depth, up to 500 microns 3. Treat with extremely low pain safely, make a comprehensive breakthrough, multi effect treatment and skin conditioning 4. After treatment, the part is different from the traditional laser, no carbonization, no scorching, no bleeding, colorless sink 5, do as you go, no anesthesia, almost no pain 6, simple operation and later care 7, compared with the traditional laser scar removal, no irradiation, use of natural heat transfer, less injury, shorter repair period. 8. The instrument is light, portable and highly flexible. 9. The effect of flying shuttle includes the functions of laser and radio frequency. It is cost-effective, aseptic, and has the same therapeutic effect as laser instruments. At the same time, it can improve and tighten the radio frequency instruments

Treatment Area

① Wrinkles, fine lines ② pockmarks, pockmarks and pockmarks ③ acne scars ④ blackheads, strawberry noses ⑤ large pores ⑥ gestational lines ⑦ chicken skin, rough and dark skin ⑧ uneven skin color, epidermis pigment ⑨ spots, chloasma and senile spots

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