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Aquaskin 8 in 1 black multi-functional beauty equipment with ultrasonic, galvanic, scrubber, BIO, cold hammer, oxygen sprayer

$600.00 Ex Tax: $600.00

The Almighty oxygen jet ionizes the gas of the air and creates the oxygen of 98% purity under the high pressure separation method. Together with the special design nozzle, lance boom and facial mask, the jet injects, spays and inh..


floor stand 100-275W adjustable infrared lamp with 4 wheels rolling base floor stand

$169.00 Ex Tax: $169.00

Function1).Ovarian care,Physical therapyThe ovaries are the most important female reproductive organ.and also the major reproductive endocrine glands, it has the functions of the coordination of the female reproductive system, the..


10 outputs EMS electric muscle stimulator

$239.00 Ex Tax: $239.00

 EMS electric stimulation slimming machine can dissolve the fat inside the body including the grease around the bowels and inside the abdomen. At the same time, it can decrease the excitability of the sympathetic nerves and o..


10600nm high-power CO2 laser tube 30w fractional co2 laser for skin Care

$5,500.00 Ex Tax: $5,500.00

Principal Vaginal tightening laser is the use of water uptake 10600nm gold standard laser, using a three-dimensional lattice technology and 360-degree circular emission perfect combination of technology, to produce 50-70 degr..


19 in 1 almighty multifunctional facial beauty machine

$1,519.00 Ex Tax: $1,519.00

1) Diamond DermabrasionIt is a nonsurgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up. Diamond Dermab..


2 in 1 diamond dermabrasion machine

$230.00 Ex Tax: $230.00

1.(1)The 2-in-1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine by Nova refines, rejuvenates and softens skin. This professional power microdermabrasion machine is a great choice for aestheticians and beauty salons as it has 2 built-in function..


2 IN 1 plasma

$1,690.00 Ex Tax: $1,690.00

Principle:Two-in-one plasmaThe two - in - one plasma consists of a flash plasma and ozone plasma.A flash spot plasma gold handle function one: Facial lifting firming, Remove freckle, Remove wrinkles.Ozone plasma white handle funct..


200X wifi digital hair/ scalp diagnosis, scalp analysis

$219.00 Ex Tax: $219.00

this production is a well-designed portable digital microscope, and widely used in beauty care field. two modes(wifi/usb) can be selected, Wifi mode is perfectly matched with IPAD, IPHONE and Android devices (Tablet PC and Mobile)..


2019 New Skin Analyzer 3 Light Source With Ipad

$1,799.00 Ex Tax: $1,799.00

The skin scanner system is one of the advanced images analysis system in the world, using digital images technologies via RGB and UV spectrum. The system can diagnose a lot of face's problems: acne spot, pore, pigment, wrinkle, cr..

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